About Me & Two Feathers

Two Feathers Brow & Beauty Founder Kim Mulvey-Dolbear
The name Two Feathers was inspired by a gift of thanks from someone who I helped out in a time of need, building confidence for them to move forward in their life, and in return, they surprised me with a beautiful pair of feather earrings.
It meant so much to me in the moment and still does now. The feeling of their freedom, strength and growth given to me in this one symbolic gesture. Every time I put them on, I’m reminded of the importance of taking chances and kindness, always.
For as long as I can remember I’ve been practicing makeup techniques. As a child, I’d transform our living room into a little studio and do makeovers on my mom. However, growing up, I was always told I needed to go to school for business (which I did, and I loved!). I always dabbled with makeup, attended free workshops for fun and spent my spare time reading Kevyn Aucoin's books. I kept my passion for the industry alive but, like many, time goes on and you kind of find yourself wrapped up in a career that you don’t love and your dreams kind of fade. 
So, before my second daughter was born, I took a pure leap of faith and enrolled in a lash and brow artistry course and began working at home and in a salon. building up a side hustle that quenched my love for the beauty industry. I knew I had finally found my passion! I love doing lashes and brows, enriching ones natural beauty and helping them build out their confidence.
I started getting a lot of inquiries from clients for products they could use at home that would complement my services, like styling brows on a daily basis, products that are user friendly with lash extensions, and so on. That’s when it hit me: I could create my own line and give women the chance to have that fresh from the salon confidence every single day. Raising two girls I want them to be know beauty and confidence radiates from the inside out.
Two Feathers Brow & Beauty was born to help have that feeling last and to bring easy to use affordable beauty to all modern babes, of all ages. 
Two Feathers Brow & Beauty Founder Kim Mulvey-Dolbear